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ARGUS Media Projects

As we are working with great passion, up to date technology and creative artists we develop all kind of mobile games and apps. Fun, usability, great graphics and entertainment are our goals.


Frog Story

At a pond frogs and flies are fighting against each other. Every group wants the pond for their own. Our hero is a frog living in that pond who wants to win the war and the heart of the princess.

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Gilbert Goodmate

An adventure game, which offers a rich and detailed story, funny dialogues and logical puzzles for many hours of gaming fun. It is a remake of the 2001 released 2D point and click adventure game.

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Dungeon Seeker

A unique mobile casino game with a special bonus game. Enter the Dungeon to find all the treasure boxes. Enjoy a reeler game that is developed with up up to date technology and full of detailed graphics.