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Frog Story

A pond, a frog and a crown

Frog Story is a free to play mobile game, which requests skills and speed from the gamer. It features an entertaining game control style, funny game design, hungry and intelligent piranhas, motivated flies and above all a cat.

At a pond, which is hidden in a forest, frogs and flies are fighting against each other. Every group wants the pond for their own and the flies are nasty fighters. The king of frogs is old and tired of the war and wants to give the crown to a new and younger male frog. For the reason that he has no son to become the new king, he announces a tournament. The frog, who achieves the most stars by catching and eating flies will get the crown and will marry the princess.

Our hero is a frog living in that pond and volunteers for that task. He tries to catch as many flies as possible. But there are lots of obstacles, which makes it a bit difficult for the frog.
Beside the flies, there are some piranhas who love frog meat, especially frog legs. These piranhas are very mean and creative hunters.

If you reach the final level and finish it, it depends on the amount of achieved stars which video scene you will see.

Game Features:

  • Free to play
  • An entertaining game control style
  • 50 challenging levels
  • Highly motivated flies
  • Hungry and intelligent piranhas
  • A wide range of exciting gimmicks and booster
  • Funny game design
  • Charming graphics
  • Connect the game with your Facebook account to compare your progress with your friends
  • 5 entertaining video cut scenes
  • Unlock different video cutscenes once you have played all levels depending on the amount of achieved stars
  • Designed for smartphones and tablets
  • …and a cat!
Play it your style!

Frog Story

You can play it safe or risky, but whatever tactic you choose – you can use your favorite booster to earn as much stars as possible.