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Gilbert Goodmate

Adventure game with puzzles and an evil wizard

Gilbert Goodmate is a remake of the 2001 released 2D point and click adventure game and will soon be available for mobile devices.

The story is about a young guy named Gilbert Goodmate, who has to find a stolen mushroom to defend his hometown from the mean wizard, Karn.
Many years ago, Karn threaten the townsfolk with tyranny and darkness. Lots of young brave men tried to stop him but failed. But then, when most of the people had almost lost their faith, one young man tried to fight the wizard on his own. And with the unlikely help of a big mushroom, he managed to defeat the wizard and saved the world.
When the hero came back to town, he was celebrated and the mushroom was placed on the in the nearby town of Phungoria.
To remember that special day, the people make a festival every year, so they would never forget how the world was saved. During each festival a new citizen would be elected to keep the mushroom safe for another year.
This year, it was Gilbert´s grandfather, Abraham, who swore the oath to protect the mushroom, to care for it, keep it safe, and to defend it, if need be, with his life.
But one week before the festival, the mushroom is stolen and Abraham is blamed for it.
So Gilbert must find the mushroom and capture the thief!
Game Features:
  • over 40 hours of adventures game-play
  • detailed story with thousands lines of dialogue
  • brought to life with over 6.000 frames of animation
  • interact with more than 50 characters
  • classic 2D style, with hand-drawn locations
  • excellent musical score
  • chock-full of fun logical puzzles
A classic point and click adventure!

Gilbert Goodmate

An adventure game, which offers a rich and detailed story, funny dialogues and logical puzzles for many hours of gaming fun.